“Everyone wants to escape from global instability, the technological burnout. It is like we don’t belong to ourselves anymore! We have lost touch with how we feel, and cannot understand why we are so anxious, irritated or feel disconnected with everything and almost everyone around us. There’s a sense of urgency in our need to escape these fast-paced lives, and hence we seek trips that inspire us, teach us something new, transform us or just let our minds be still for a while”, reads the weekend edition of a trendy lifestyle supplement in a news daily read widely all over India.

The ‘Antaravyom Project’ is neither a transformative travel package nor merely an Institute offering classroom lessons on this subject. It is an experiential, transformational journey into the inner realms, lying unexplored within every aspiring seeker who craves mindfulness, awareness and personal fulfilment.

The outer space is a mere manifestation of the inner reality. As is within, so is without! The entire creation is but a reflection of the inner space. That same ‘Consciousness’ which permeates the entire creation is present as a miniature replica within. This Consciousness flows in the form of energy through various channels in the human body, as it does through everything created in this dimension and beyond. This energy is the universal life force that creates and sustains all planetary systems. This energy maintains balance within the universal order. 

As long as the ‘Antaravyom’ - inner space is in balance and harmony, the Divine consciousness flows freely through the human body, giving the experience of oneness of creation. This energy has the power to heal the body and keep it healthy at all times. Any anomaly or blockage or disturbance in the ‘Antaravyom’ can disturb the flow of this energy and bring disease to the body and disconnect the Divine flow. The self healing system gets disrupted. If we can heal our inner space, we can also heal the outer space using the principle of interconnectedness of the Universal life force. The twin principle of human and divine; within and without is the truth or unshakeable law of creation.



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